The Event

In an effort to create the perfect soldier, the military was experimenting with a Soldier Serum to enhance performance. The body reacted differently than expect on the majority of specimens, resulting in what is known as the Z-Virus.

While some humans will gain enhanced performance and near superhuman abilities, most fall victim to the Z-Virus and will eventually become walking dead.

The outbreak occurred when an patient was inadvertently released that had been infected by the Z-Virus. Once it hit general population it spread exponentially.

The Virus

The Z-Virus was created when the Soldier serum reacted in an unforeseen manner with a group of test subjects. It quickly spread itself through its victim and now spreads via contact with blood or other bodily fluid.

When a person becomes infected with the virus it quickly spreads through the body and typically stays in the host in a dormant state (though there are instances of immediate transformation). An infected individual can live quite a normal life, but is contaminated and can pass the Z-virus to others through blood / fluid contact.

The virus enters an active state upon the death of the host. At that point in time, reanimation occurs and transformation occurs. The reanimated corpse is near feral and hungers for human flesh.

Z is for Zombie

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