Z is for Zombie

Draco's Mission Log


We had just arrived to the drop zone of the hotel. We saw four lurkers on the roof, two of the four noticed us. The pilot was told to swing around where my team, Delta, Jericho and myself, would jump from the chopper. Unfortunately I stumbled and fell out of the chopper after Jericho had just landed on the roof. Delta and myself went out at the same time fortunately he caught me before I completely fell off the roof of the hotel. Not too long after I had been pulled up onto the roof the two lurkers that had seen the chopper were heading toward us. Delta, Jericho and myself opened fire on the two lurkers. Soon after we had opened fire upon the first two lurkers, four more had shown up to our right. Delta and Jericho continued to fire upon the first two lurkers. Meanwhile I opened fire upon the other four lurkers. Delta and Jericho dropped the first two lurkers and assisted myself with dropping the other four lurkers.

Delta, Jericho and myself moved towards the emergency exit stair case. Unfortunately the door was locked, but Delta decided to shoot the lock on the door. His idea had worked ,but sadly there were three zombies on the other side of that door. They were all after Delta, I opened fire. Shockingly Jericho did nothing he was completely frozen. It was then that I noticed that the last zombie to exit the stair case was a Red Eye. Delta was getting beaten and had gotten bit; I did what I only could and that was open fire. The Red Eye went for Jericho and bit him. Fortunately we all survived and both of my team members were still human. We descended to the pent house suites, where the survivors had been said to be held up. We came across where they where and quickly rallied them and headed out for the stairs.

The survivors and my team had made it to the emergency exit stairs that my team had used to descend from the roof. All of us started to descend, about the eighth floor we had to stop because the stair case was blocked by loads of furniture. So we went up a floor and decided to use another emergency exit. We came to the ninth floor and walked passed a room where things had been torn and smashed to a pulp. After that we hurried to the other emergency exit quickly and quietly. The other emergency exit had a pad lock on it. Jericho asked what we should do. It was then when I sensed something near us. I wasn’t sure what it was, but I didn’t want to find out. I told him to shoot the lock and he did just that.

As soon as Jericho shot the lock the presence I had felt rounded the corner. It was a hulk and it was in a fowl mood. I told Delta to stay with me while Jericho and the others made their escape to the Armored vehicle. Delta threw a grenade and I shot at the massive thing before us. It wasn’t even phased by the grenade or my bullets. We only seemed to make it angrier. So we too decided to run for the armored vehicle at the bottom of the stair case. We made it to the bottom and ran for the armored vehicle when the hulk jumped from the ninth floor to the ground floor. The hulk pushed its way out of the stair case area and started to make its way to us. The armored vehicle opened fire. This only slowed the hulk enough for us to get aboard the vehicle and escape from the massive creature.

Delta's Journal

Day One

My name is Delta, rank is Private First Class. I am a super soldier made by the U.S. government and about three months ago one of the experiments went wrong. Making several flesh eating super zombies I guess. But, it swiftly spread across the world making the human race endangered. And my job with my two companions is to try to save the human race from becoming extinct. Now there are other super soldiers in this world, but we are one of the eight of the groups in a military lab right outside of Dallas, Texas. We are squad eight because we are amateurs.

Yesterday, I was briefed by my Major General. I was informed of my first mission. The mission was to save eight civilians in a hotel in Dallas, Texas. I was also informed of all the different types of zombies out there. You would think that there is only one, but no there are many more than one.

  • Lurker – the casual zombie that you see in horror movies
  • Red Eye – can be fairly dangerous by paralyzing you with its red eyes.
  • Hulk – the tank a big gigantic zombie about ten feet high and is just a brute.
  • Siren – make a loud scream and paralyze you.
  • Spitter – can vomit all over you and make you highly more likely of infecting you.

There is probably more but I can’t think of it (Update: See Creatures).

My mission today was a success even though me and Jericho were bitten by zombies we came out clean. We arrived on the rooftop of the hotel and took out six zombies on the rooftop. Then we went to the emergency exit and the door was locked. That is when I opened it when Jericho and Draco went around the corner while I opened the door. Once I opened the door three zombies came out and one of them was a red eye. Even though there was only three they did a lot of damage to us. That is when Jericho and I was bit.

Then we went down to the sixteenth floor, where the civilians were hiding, and we found them. We find out that two of the civilians were bitten. Then we had to get the extraction point which was at the bottom of the hotel to wait for the APC. We went down and around the eight floor the emergency exit was block so we went back and went to another emergency exit.

This is when we found out about the Tank. It was so big that it covered the whole entire hallway it was like the Incredible Hulk. This thing would not be taken down and we ran as fast as we could. Draco and I shot at it for a while so the civilians could get down safely with Jericho. Then me and Draco ran down the stairs double timing it. Finally we got to the bottom and got into the APC and drove. But while doing that the Tank just jumped down the stairs and got to the bottom. Then we drove while the machine man at the top unloaded M60 bullets into it but still couldn’t take it out. Then we beat him by speed but still it was close.

We arrived at the base and we got decontaminated and got our blood check. We were all clean so there was no worry.

Mission Log

It begins…


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